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506EC Series Hose Reels

506EC Series: Enclosed Hose Reel

SAMSON 506EC overhead reels provide a clean appearance for multiple-reel banks enclosed in a steel metal cabinet. They combine a unique appearance and superior performance to meet the demands of your shop. 506EC Enclosed hose reel with hose capacity up to 50’ x 1/2” hose various colors available.
Hose reels are designed to fit reel enclosures; order components separately.

Build an enclosed hose reel unit
  1. Select the reels you need
  2. Select the mounting bracket required for the quantity of reels you have selected
  3. Order one (1) side panel kit for each reel selected
  4. Order one (1) end panel kit for each reel bank
  5. Select light reel kits or dispense reel kits to customize your unit