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 Managing Wish Lists



Download the Managing Wish Lists Guide

  • SAMSON offers a few features to assist in building orders, quoting a job, and saving orders for future use.
  • All wish list features are accessed in the shopping cart area, after you have logged in or through the Customer Portal.
  • In the shopping cart area, you can create a wish list, save a wish list, modify an existing wish list, purchase the items you have saved in your wish list file, or print a wish list.
  • Wish lists remain in your customer portal until you delete them.


  • Manage Wish lists allow you to:
    • Make quantity changes to items in a saved wish list.
    • Delete a wish list
    • Add a wish list to the cart for purchase
    • There is no limit to the number of separate wish lists you may save.


Managing via Customer Portal

  • Manage Wish from the Customer Portal allows you to manage lists that have already been created.
    • From the drop down, choose the wish list to modify
      • Add a note, change quantity, remove, or add to cart


Managing via Cart

  • Use the shopping cart to work with wish lists
    • Think of the cart as a transitional space
  • When creating a wish list or modifying a wish list always start with an empty cart

  • Using the pull-outs you can easily manage the wish list

Create a Wish List

  • Add items to the cart
  • From the Wish List button select Save a Wish List
  • Name the wish list
  • You will receive a wish list created notice

Add Cart to Existing Wish List

  • Move items to the cart to add them to an existing wish list
  • Choose Add Cart to Existing Wish List
  • Choose the list modify
  • Items will be added to the wish list designated 


Add Wish List to Cart

  • When you are ready to purchase from the wish list
  • Go to the cart
  • Choose Add Wish List to Cart
  • Items will be added to the cart


Export to Excel

  • Good feature for distributors who may want to add their own mark-up