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Store features


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Stay in the loop

Even if a customer chooses to NOT use shop.samsoncorporation to place orders they are encouraged to register so they may have access to the communication center and the tools and receive promotions and other information releases. 

shop.SAMSONCorporation is a purchasing tool designed for distributors.

  • shop.SAMSONCorporation is a software interface which connects the customer to SAMSON's order entry system.
  • shop.SAMSONCorporation is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.


  • Catalog pages and service manuals are available for download


Pricing & Discounts

shop.SAMSONCorporation offers many benefits


  • Upon logging, product pricing is specific to individual customer pricing
  • Customers may verify pricing for any specific item
  • Customer specific price sheets are not available for download.


  • Special promotions are also available from time to time

Site Navigation

  • Site Navigation
  • Navigate through the site categories and sub categories


  • Add to cart
  • On Product page
  • Enter quantity & click add to cart

  • Accessories, packages, specifications, catalog pages and service manuals
  • Accessories & Packages are shown for items that are designed to work with a specific product
  • Download catalog pages
  • Download service manuals

Communication Center

shop.SAMSONCorporation has a secured Communication Center designed specifically for Distributors. • Available when you log-in

In the Communication Center distributors have access to:


  • Info Release – historical listing of info releases
  • Promotions – any active promotions will be shown here
  • Image Library – downloadable high-resolution images
  • Brand Identity – downloadable SAMSON logo with usage guidelines
  • Technical Data – downloadable catalog pages, STEP files, CAD files, etc.
  • Pricing – current published list price sheet
All communications to distributors come from these communications are stored on the Communication Center.