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Ways to Shop

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Shop.SAMSONCorporation offers four convenient ways to shop

  • Search by product name or number
  • Navigate the site and add items to the cart
  • Copy previous Shop.Samsoncorporation orders to create a duplicate order
  • Rapid order entry

Site Search/Number

Site Search/Name



Copy Order

  • Copy previous orders
  • The copy order function may be used to copy one order or several orders.
    • Bringing in a list of commonly order items.
    • Edit the quantities as needed.
  • This feature is limited to orders placed in Shop.SAMSONCorporation not orders entered by CSR.


Rapid Order Entry

  • Allows for rapid entry of items, excellent for customers that may know the part numbers and don’t want to or need to navigate to locate an item.
  • Access rapid order entry via the shopping cart
  • MUST be logged in to use rapid order entry


  • Located directly below the shopping cart
  • Enter a part number, quantity and modify the requested ship date, if necessary. Add to cart.


Modify Cart