I cant see my price?

    You must be logged in to see pricing.

    How do I know I'm logged in?

    Your email address is shown & Cart total is shown in a $ value. 

    How do I know my order has been received?

    shop.SAMSONCorporation sends you an “order received”  communication from [email protected]. Once customer service receives and finalizes the order you will receive an order confirmation from [email protected].

    Is Joe Brown a user for Lube Truck Company?

    This question should first be directed to the company Admin.  

    Can SAMSON add Joe?  

    No, the distributors agent must add new users. 

    Our Admin no longer works here. What do I do?

    A new form must be completed by the distributor’s principal.   SAMSON sales team may not complete or submit this form on a distributor’s behalf.

    Why can’t I place an order?

    Your permission levels are not set to place an order. Contact your administrator.

    I can’t find where to place an order.

    Verify you are on the correct site, www.shop.SAMSONCorporation.com