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Available Models

383 101  U•Tank Basic
382 201  Digital level gauge 
381 158  Remote Flash/Alarm 
381 401  Single Bung Dual level Float
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    Item#: 382201


U•Tank Basic

Standalone tank controller capable to control up to 4 different inputs from digital level gauge and four 24 V DC outputs, one per each input. Each output can be connected to 24 V DC solenoid valves, remote alarms, flash lights, etc.

The system can be used to prevent tank overflow (maximum level sensor) or to prevent pump running dry and air entering the oil distribution lines (low level sensor).

Product Specifications:

  • Controls up to four channels; each channel can be assigned to a different tank, or multiple channels can be assigned to a single tank (i.e. Low level and high level sensors).
  • Works as a standalone unit, no need to connect to auxiliary software or system
  • Integrates an acoustic alarm (buzzer type). An external alarm (24 V DC) can also be connected
  • Single button for setup, reset alarms and system test and key switch for by-pass mode control, setup access and system reboot.
  • Works with 110 – 230 V AC power supply
  • Two status LEDs: yellow on indicates Tank Sentinel is in by-pass mode; white on indicates Tank Sentinel is on.
  • Each channel has a red status LED. LEDs will blink when the input of the corresponding channel has been triggered (i.e. low level is reached)
  • Each channel has a digital input, for contact level gauges. Each input triggers a 24 V DC output for controlling solenoid valves, relays, external alarms, etc.
  • Inputs and outputs can be configured as “normally-open” or “normally closed” to fit different applications.
  • Required voltage: 110/60 Hz and 240/50 Hz V AC

Technical Documents:

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